The THPUA’s membership is diverse – it includes the biggest organisations on the river through to the one-person businesses. You can find out about our members in the Member Directory below and use the search box if you are looking for a particular member or specific services.

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Port of Middlesbrough
AV Dawson’s Port of Middlesbrough is ideally positioned on the River Tees, in north-east England and provides a multimodal freight logistics service.
Inchcape Shipping Services
Inchcape Shipping Services is the worlds leading Port Agency and Marine Services provider. Its global network covers 85% of the world’s ports.
Waste Knot Energy (Middlesbrough)
WKE transform shredded solid recovered fuel into Solid Improved Recovered Fuel pellets. Easily transportable by rail, road, or boat and easily handleable both pneumatically and mechanically. A particle size of 2-3mm means they can be co-milled with or even completely replace coal or wood pellets to generate power, in steel and cement production, or any industry requiring high levels of heat.
Bulk Tainer Logistics
Bulk Tainer Logistics are a global tank container operator, who transport chemicals, feed & food grade liquids in our tank containers around the world.
Port Clarence Logistics
PCL is the main facility that Wilton Engineering and Universal Coatings operate from and is certainly one of the largest riverside facilities in the UK.
Wilton Universal Group
Wilton Engineering Services Ltd specialises in complex fabrication and multi-discipline solutions serving the onshore and offshore energy industry.
UK Marine Survey Ltd
The UK Marine Survey Limited is an independent professional marine consultancy firm delivering a wide range of marine and cargo inspection services to numerous customers.
Teesworks Ltd
Teesworks is the UK’s largest and most well-connected industrial zone.
Tees Foyboatmen
Tees Licensed Foyboatmen’s Association Limited provides mooring services to a range of ships on Teesport.