THPUA releases a statement in support of seafarers

Garry O Malley

As a result of recent unprecedented events and new challenges affecting the world today, the Tees and Hartlepool Port Users Association (THPUA) has issued a statement to illustrate its support of seafarers across the globe and the organisations that support them.


Statement from the Tees and Hartlepool Port Users Association:

The Tees and Hartlepool Port Users Association (THPUA) is an independent association with a membership of over 60 businesses and organisations involved in the movement of ships or goods through the ports of Tees and Hartlepool.

The association exists to develop and promote the economic, efficient and effective movement of goods through the Ports of Tees and Hartlepool in the best interests of its members and the business community generally who rely on the movement of freight. As part of its work, the THPUA consults, co-operates and negotiates with the Port Authority, local and national authorities and any other public or private organisations on matters connected with shipping activities of the ports of Tees and Hartlepool.

The THPUA recognises and champions the incredible commitment and contribution that seafarers make every day to keep trade moving regardless of the political, economic and environmental challenges that arise.

The THPUA supports the great work of Stella Maris, the Fishermen’s Society and the Mission to Seafarers in the provision of welfare services to all seafarers, irrespective of ethnicity, gender identification and religious beliefs. To illustrate its ongoing commitment to address these issues, the THPUA has signed the Maritime UK pledges for mental health and diversity.

The THPUA is also actively engaged with the wider regional community; supporting local charities and working with the education sector to inspire new talent to join the shipping industry.


Pictured: Garry O’Malley, THPUA Chair