Waste Knot Energy (Middlesbrough)

WKE transform shredded solid recovered fuel into Solid Improved Recovered Fuel pellets. Easily transportable by rail, road, or boat and easily handleable both pneumatically and mechanically. A particle size of 2-3mm means they can be co-milled with or even completely replace coal or wood pellets to generate power, in steel and cement production, or any industry requiring high levels of heat.
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Waste Knot Energy (Middlesbrough)

Waste Knot Energy is a manufacturer of pelletised fuel. The first production site at the Port of Middlesbrough will process over 300,000 tonnes of SRF (Solid Recovered Fuel) feedstock to produce around 250,000 tonnes of SIRF (Solid Improved Recovered Fuel) pellets.

The SIRF pellets will be used to produce cement and steel, as well as for power generators and other heavy industry.

The scale of Waste Knot’s planned production capacity is unrivalled; we are in the process of developing a further seven production facilities throughout the UK, capable of producing 2 million tonnes of fuel pellets per annum.

The SIRF pellets avoid high calorific value material going to landfill or for incineration, and they have a dramatically lower carbon footprint compared to fuels such as coal or petcoke, and even a net carbon benefit compared to sending the material to landfill.

The cost per GJ of energy produced using SIRF pellets is significantly lower than the fossil fuel or biomass alternatives.

Our primary target market regions are Europe, MENA and the Far East.