Red Lion Marine Ltd

Red Lion Marine is a Teesside based company offering Client Representation & Workboat Services.
Company Details

3rd Floor
The Palace Hub
TS10 3AE

Tel : +44 (0)7951 554108

Red Lion Marine Ltd

Our company understands the ever evolving criteria’s and standards that are required to support maritime projects in both their on/offshore campaigns, Red Lion Marine is dedicated to providing the necessary high standard of support that is expected to compliment any work scope in order to keep projects within their respective costings and timelines.

Founded in 2017 by Nathan Hobday, who started his career on the River Tees, before moving into offshore construction which later prompted the creation of Red Lion Marine to provide Client Representation services on various renewable assignments. Nathan has personally worked on over 17 campaigns across 10 different projects and still operates for Windfarm clients.

Not forgetting the company roots, RLM also offers a fleet of working craft based at Teesport to further aid both visiting and domestic campaigns that require marine based support.