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Harbour Management Solutions provides marine safety and port security support to ports and harbours in the UK and further afield.
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Harbour Management Solutions Ltd

Since 1996, HMS has grown from its Teesside origins to an international player specialising in port waste management, oil pollution preparedness and response. Port Facility Security, both training and plan development, and Port Marine Safety Code compliance.

Duty Holders and those managing UK ports and harbours often cite increasing regulatory requirements as one of the biggest challenges to a successful port operation. Regulatory burdens continue to change with time particularly so in the area of marine operations. Effective management of compliance in this area not only saves a company time and money, but also reduces the risk of fines, litigation, disruption and adverse publicity.

Ideally, you are already well aware of the regulations that apply to your marine operations. Your organisation has probably implemented control measures to facilitate compliance and has tested those controls. However, once you have achieved compliance, how can you be assured that your organisation will remain compliant? In a perfect world, compliance measures should be incorporated as part of your day-to-day business process.

Harbour Management Solutions specialises in supporting Duty Holders, Designated Persons, Harbour Masters and those other members of port staff who have responsibilities for management of the marine environment.

  • In accordance with the Port Marine Safety Code, we act as, or support Duty Holders and Designated Persons in fulfilling their responsibilities under the Code.
  • We undertake independent internal and external of audits of marine safety management systems. We tailor audits to the exact needs of harbour authorities. In most cases we are able to improve marine procedures by using our experienced gained through working with numerous UK and international ports and harbours.
  • We conduct second party or supplier audits of those supplying services to ports and harbours.
  • We are accredited to train in oil pollution response and we develop and implement contingency plans
  • We are accredited to train in port facility security and to assist in risk assessment and plan development
  • We offer port waste management plan writing and development of port waste management systems

Our team brings a wealth of marine and port related experience to the benefit of our clients both in the UK and increasingly those overseas.

We have extensive experience of port marine safety, oil pollution, security and waste management issues with trainers accredited respectively by the Nautical Institute on behalf of the Maritime and Coastguard Agency, and by the Department for Transport Maritime Compliance Directorate.



16-18 January 2022– Port Facility Security Officer training
7-10 February 2022 -MCA Oil Pollution Preparedness and Response Oil Response Manager/On Scene Commander Ports training

Courses are now being delivered “on site” with facility for blended learning

MCA OPRC Foundation Training will be scheduled when the Covid situation is clearer, as this is a predominantly practical course

All trainers have received booster vaccinations and take LFTs

Full Covid protocols are observed at training centres

Full range of Port Marine Safety Code services also available

Further details from alexe@harbourmanagementsolutions.co.uk
00 44 7876 705550