• By sharing information we can all help each other to improve the efficiency of dredging operations and reduce cost. The below guidance summarises how to use the portal.

  • If you are planning to conduct a dredging operation please click ‘View Dredging Operations’ to see what dredging operations are already being planned by other members, whether the timing of their project could fit with yours and whether they are open to sharing resources. You can click the ‘View’ option next to any of the listings to find out more details. Within the details you will see a field where the member has advised whether they are open to collaborating with other members. If there are any suitable opportunities you can contact the member directly (using the contact details the member has provided on the listing) to discuss this. 

  • Rather than using the ‘View Dredging Operations’ option, you can also get a quick view of other members’ planned dredging activities by clicking ‘View Dredging Calendar’ or ‘View Dredging Map’ 
  • Now enter the information about your proposed dredging operation into the portal by clicking ‘Submit a Dredging Operation’. It’s unlikely you will know all the details of the operation at this stage, but for mandatory fields (ie. those marked with an asterix) please put your best estimate. Other fields you can either put an estimate or leave blank. You will be able to update any of the information you want to at a later date. 

  • You can use the Dredging News area to view other members’ news and messages about their dredging operations and also to add your own.