Graypen Ltd

Graypen Limited
Able House
Billingham Reach Industrial Estate
TS23 1PX
United Kingdom

T: +44 1642 560057

Graypen Limited is part of the Graypen Group of companies which provides port agency, shipbroking, consultancy, logistics, inspection and IT services.
We have been delivering progressive but traditional tanker port agency services for 50 years. We do what we do best where it counts at the ship side working in partnership with the Captain, crew, local port & terminal operators and a supporting cast of many third-party suppliers.
We believe that shipping is about people and that relationships are central to understanding and delivering upon expectation. We understand the importance of technology to deliver our service but we never forget to connect with our customers face to face. We welcome the opportunity for clients old and new to visit our offices, attend our events and get to know us.
Our staff members are a valued USP and we employ people with a ‘service first’ attitude who always want to do their best and are passionate about what they do. We are a fully independent British company and offer a transparent, flexible approach to port agency. Our door is always open to any customer that is looking for a more personal approach to shipping.