CSG Recyc-Oil

Murdock Road
East Middlesbrough Industrial Estate

Tel: 01642 242792



CSG Recyc-Oil is a fully licenced oil recycling and environmental services business; providing a full 'cradle to grave' service for recycling oily liquid waste e.g. waste oil, bilge water, engine slops, sludge, oil/diesel cargo washings etc.

Prompt and reliable

We offer prompt and reliable collections from every port on the North East coast of England with our fleet of waste oil collection tankers; and at Tees Port we collect by waste oil barge as well. Our barge, named 'Erimus Star', operates from the Tees Barrage to Government Jetty at the river mouth. Discharging waste to a barge couldn't be easier, it doesn't interfere with cargo operations or other tasks that can only be done across the jetty; and with its 55m3 capacity, it meets the demands of most vessels in one collection.

Flexible and customised for the job

The barge is equipped to meet the needs of both the vessel and the jetty, with a 60m3/hr. pump capability for speed of collection; bow thruster for manoeuvrability; moveable fenders to protect each vessel; 30metre long pressure & electrically tested hoses to reduce the risk of leaks; and of course, an experienced crew with tried and tested operating instructions. Our tailor made pumped, and vacuum tankers; each carrying at least 60 metres of hose, adapters and support equipment, enabling us to provide a totally flexible collection service whatever your needs.

Professional and responsive

CSG Recyc-Oil has over 30 years' experience of removing waste oil from ships; servicing over 350 vessels and removing over 3.5million litres of waste each year without a single environmental incident. Our road tankers help provide the rapid response demanded by ships, providing a cost effective solution for the regular waste removal requirement.

Environmentally friendly

At our site in Middlesbrough we recover, filter, blend and recycle 99.3% of the waste oil we collect, improving the regions recycling performance and helping our customers meet their environmental objectives.

Traceable compliance

Every consignment of waste oil we collect is recorded; analysed; and registered with the Environment Agency using a unique consignment number, which is referenced on our invoices; helping with your environmental traceability from waste through to invoice payments. We in turn send a quarterly hazardous waste return to the Environment Agency helping them monitor national and regional hazardous waste movements. Should you have an environmental audit and require additional copies of documentation we're only to pleased to help.

Peace of mind

By using CSG Recyc-Oil you can have peace of mind that you are disposing of your waste oil correctly; complying with legislative requirements; and reducing your environmental impact. One call and the job is done on-time, in-full.